Product Registration

    How to get the Serial Number?

    You can find the Serial Number in the Product Manual, and also you can find the QR Code. You can get the Serial Number fast auto-filled by scanning the QR Code with your smartphone.

    How to get the Order Number?

    If you buy the product from our Amazon store, you can get the order number that email from Amazon. If you buy the product from our website, you will get the order number from the email sent from our website.

    Questions about Serail Number and Warranty

    Registering a serial number is as simple as scanning a QR code with the camera of your smartphone or tablet. The browser will then jump to this page. The serial number will be filled in automatically. The user fills in the order number, email address, and other optional fields, and submits it to us. Within 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation email. Confirm the product model, product manufacturing date, order date, and delivery date. And the start and end date of the product warranty.

    To make it easier to manage the product warranty process, we have added a serial number to each product. Each product has a different serial number. The length, alphabetical order, etc. are all different. This allows us to identify whether a product is manufactured by us, its parameters, date of manufacture, etc. when warranty service is required.

    When you purchase our products, you can quickly scan the QR code and register your serial number when you first receive the product. When there is a problem with the product, the warranty will be valid. After a long period of time has elapsed, users usually cannot find the product information, after registration, we will save your product data and your information in our system. When you need service, we can provide fast service.

    Our products have a production date in our system, and the purchase date needs to be calculated from the order date. The date of receipt by the customer needs to be obtained from the courier tracking data. Therefore, we will calculate the most favorable date for the user from these three dates. So the customer registers when they receive the product, and we will find these three dates based on the information provided by the customer. This is then listed in the confirmation email.

    When the QR code is lost, there will be no serial number. You need to contact us and provide us with the order number. The warranty time will need to be calculated from the order date.